Currently, only 3 million Point of Sale (POS) machines facilitate Debit/Credit Card payment to Merchants. DigiPe for small Retailers will enable over 660 million+ Aadhaar linked bank account holders to transact card-less across merchant locations. DigiPe Retailer will provide basic banking services such as balance inquiry, cash deposit/withdrawal to their customers and earn commission for every transaction.

DigiPe Retailer will enable the customer to have a hassles free transactions, customer need not carry his/her phone, debit card, credit card, remember PIN and with “Nil” MDR. This is an ideal situation for both the customer and Retailer. The customer can carry out any kind of banking transaction at their next door kirana store, without the hassle of actually travelling to far flung bank branches or standing in long queues.

Key Benefits:

  • Highest Commission on each transaction
  • Accept Payment by Aadhaar Pay & UPI
  • Separate Wallet For Payment Services
  • Attract more customers and grow your business
  • Provide value-added services to your customers
  • Enjoy the tie-ups with major Banking service providers in one App