Now, quick and effortless Recharge of all Networks in India can be made at any DigiPe retail outlet. Recharge service available through the DigiPe mobile app allows its retailers to provide this service to their customers. Mobile Prepaid & DTH (all major networks) Recharge can be easily done without any hassles.

Customers can just walk in and get their DTH/mobiles recharged effortlessly in a secure way using the service provided at DigiPe retail outlet. While DigiPe retailers get to provide their customers with more offerings; they also earn an extra income as commission for rendering this service

Key Benefits:

  • Earn High commissions on each transaction
  • Instant Credit Earned Commissions in Trade Wallet
  • Instant Refund all Failed Recharge
  • Attract more customers and grow your business
  • Provide value-added services to your customers
  • Enjoy the tie-ups with major Recharge service Networks in one App